A welcome introduction

Hello there. It’s Charlotte and Louise ‘your financial guardian angels’ here from 1file4life, welcome to our blog.

A few questions?

(It would be great to hear about your personal experiences regarding the following and what the consequences are when you cannot lay your hands on that important document).

  • Have you ever forgotten your MOT?
  • Been late renewing your passport and almost missed your holiday?
  • Have you ever been asked for I.D. for a finance or mortgage agreement, or visited a bank, hotel or post office and not had a proof of address or confirmation of your identity instantly available?
  • Do you know when the next vaccination booster is due for your pet? Plus what would happen to your ‘furry four-legged friend’ if anything happened to you?

Do you have a current Will together with life insurance policies that will protect you and your family, with the correct trust forms in place so you can obtain your pay out quickly and stress-free?

When did you last review your policies especially if you have had a change in circumstances?

We have all been in the situation at some point in our busy day to day life where we have found ourselves ‘scrabbling around’ desperately searching and feeling stressed because we cannot locate that crucial piece of paperwork like our birth certificate, N.I. number or a vital email that stops us from carrying on with our day.

The voice in our head says ‘what have I done with’….? When did I last see my….? Or even worse! ‘what did YOU do with my……?

Would it make your life easier to have secure instant access to your crucial documents 24/7?

If you carry a smartphone then you would always have these on your person and at hand at a drop of a hat when needed.

Imagine never missing a renewal date again so you don’t have to pay extra on your insurance premium next time round! How much would you save?

Where do you currently keep your V.I.P documents and day to day paperwork?

  • In unsecured e mail?
  • In a fan file under the stairs or under the bed?
  • Or in several locations and formats

In modern day life admin. is so complicated with so many important dates to remember.

We offer a simple and user-friendly platform that will save you time, stress and assist you in organising your life and plans for your future.

If the worst did happen and there was a fire or flood in your house, you might not have time to locate your V.I.P files or drag a filing cabinet down stairs but you would grab your phone to dial 999.

A bit about us. 
1file4life is based in  the South West of England and we have just returned from an exciting road trip in London visiting organisations in preparation for our launch of

The Most Useful App Ever ‘1file4life’ on the 11/11/18.

Come and join us on our journey.

So, what does the 1file4life App do.?

We are your ‘encrypted mobile digital filing system’

You can take your ‘Personal Assistant Life Manager’ with you everywhere you go.

After extensive research we have created and custom-designed pre-defined categories that cover all the key areas of your life. 1file4life provides you with the capacity to instantly store and retrieve your V.I.P documents from your mobile or tablet. 1F4L provides you with a comprehensive guide to follow which encourages you to have the correct documents and polices in place.

It is an encrypted platform where you can safely keep your documents in one secure place and easily notify yourself of important dates, organise and process your day to day personal and family administration and ensure that your V.I.P documentation is accessible to you and your trusted key contacts in the event of urgency or emergency.

Our aim is to help you and your family create a culture of organisation that will enable you to plan

ahead so you can get back to enjoying your life!

We look forward to keeping you up to date on our developments and to providing you with engaging stories, case studies, plus giving you some really good tips and advice along the way.

Register your interest on our website ‘now’ so we can send you a link to down load our new simple secure app ‘1file4lfe’ on our launch date. It will make your life so much easier and change the way you organise your life today and every day.

More to follow soon…………………………….

Charlotte Harverson

Louise Marsh


Register your details at the foot our homepage now so we can send you a link to download to 1file4life on the 11/11/18