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A Big ‘Thank You’

From 1file4life to all Service Personnel who are currently in the process of leaving the Military and Veterans for your service to our country. In celebration and to mark the centennial end of the 1st World War, 1file4life would like to give you exclusive access to ‘the next generation digital platform’ that will help both you and your family organise your day to day life and future.


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Here are some of the ‘Common Steps and Challenges’ that service personnel have to deal with when leave the military to start their new life as a civilian. Leaving the protection of the military can be overwhelming, stressful and challenging with a different structure and value system. On average it can take approximately 5 years for a service leaver to settle into civilian life.

Moving out of barracks or married quarters

Renting or buying a house

Relocating often to a new town or country

Re-establishing relationships with family and friends

Taking care of their family and perhaps children from a previous relationship

Coping with life changing injuries and PTSD

Securing a new job

Organising their pension

Ensuring that they have the necessary insurance policies in place

That they make a will, and complete the correct trust forms

Help is on the way!

With The 1F4L App ‘Personal Assistant Life Manager’ become prepared and organised for your life in Civilian Street.

Take your military identity with you into the civilian world with all of your knowledge and experience.

Following processes and procedure is often one of the key talents that service personnel learn.  

We have used this formula to develop a simple and easy platform that follows this method.

We have researched, created and custom built the top essential categories covering all the main areas of personal and family administration in a robust, friendly and instantly accessible manner.

Pure Simplicity

'Simple and Straightforward’ to use. Instant access to your V.I.P documents 24/7.


Set your own notifications reminding you to review and renew your policies.

Pre-defined Categories

Categories that cover all key areas of personal and family admin. Use these as a guide and prompt to ensure that you have the correct paperwork in place.

Grant and Share Access to your V.I.P. Documents

An encrypted sharing solution. Share policies and medical records with unlimited key contacts and next of kin. Choose your ‘share buddies’ to mirror your key documents. Provide an extra level of protection for you and your family.

1file4life is designed to give you peace of mind

In the event of urgency and emergency situations

Instantly, securely and promptly access your documents and policies.

Deploy 1file4life

to act as your ‘Personal Assistant Life Manager’ by using our easy and simple app.

Let us help you, organise and review all of the family documentation that relates to the above ‘life tasks’ making your life easier for you and your family.

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Proudly supporting those who serve

On 16 October 2018 1F4L proudly signed the Armed Forces Covenant to pledge our support. 

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