Welcome to our 2nd Blog –

We would like to reach out to all Veterans, Service Leavers, Current Serving Personnel, Supportive Partners plus their Families.

In celebration, and to mark the centennial end of the 1st World War, 1file4life are offering a free 12 months ‘Subscription to our App’ to all Veterans and Serving Personnel who are currently leaving The Armed Forces.

We ask you to help us spread the word about our complimentary offer to any relevant contacts and friends who you think we could help, and would benefit from our app.

First, a little intel. about how 1file4life was born!

Louise is the wife of a former British Army Warrant Officer who served 24 years in the military and who has been through the transition process and is now a civilian.

After years of being operationally deployed to all theatres around the world, Ian has experienced many challenges that service leavers faces both in and out of the Army, Louise has provided Ian with much needed support throughout his career.

This career and life experience that Louise and Ian shared was the direct catalyst to produce the 1file4life app. To help service leavers keep in touch with their families 24/7 and to make sure that life’s essential documents are in place.

Two years ago reality dawned on Louise and Ian that if the worse did happen and there was a loss of life or critical illness then Ian would struggle to locate the crucial family documentation (and their processes) namely because Louise managed their affairs throughout Ian’s military career.

We at 1file4life understand that leaving the protection of the Armed Forces is extremely challenging. Below are just a few common challenges individuals face leaving the military and how furnishing them with this 1F4L app before they leave to become a civilian could help them enormously. (Or indeed after, if they have already left).

On average it takes approximately 5 years for a service leaver to settle into civilian life.

Common Challenges

  • Moving out of barracks or married quarters
  • Renting or buying a house
  • Relocating often to a new town or country
  • Re-establishing relationships with family and friends
  • Taking care of their family and perhaps children from a previous relationship
  • Coping with life changing injuries and PTSD
  • Securing a new job
  • Organising their pension
  • Ensuring that they have the necessary insurance policies in place
  • That they make a Will, and complete the correct trust forms

N.B. All the above family documentation that links to the above – (If you haven’t got it, get it and if you have got it REVIEW it!)

Life after the military is often overwhelming with a different structure and value system, and as much support that can be offered is invaluable, 1file4life will assist with this process and become their very own ‘Virtual P.A. Life Manager’

With our custom designed, well researched, pre-allocated categories that cover all the main areas of personal and family administration, coupled with our notification function reminding you to review and renew your policies and the ability to securely share your crucial documents with your key contacts so that they can access them in times of urgency or emergency.

We provide you one place to keep everything stored safely and securely for the rest of your life.

So, from insurance policies to a C.V. or driving licence, store your valuable documents direct from your phone.

No need to set up folders or sync. with your computer.

We have focused on security, simplicity and ease of use.

We are transforming family administration for the better. We are looking after ‘not just the Veteran but their whole family’.

We want to spread the 1F4L word and invite you to join our community and for us to share our plans with you and your like-minded contacts on how we will help Veterans and Service Leavers in the UK and across the globe.

Our end goal, as part of every service leavers transition process is to provide them with the 1file4life App as part of their service leavers package.

With thanks from ‘The Team at 1file4life’

‘Safeguarding the futures of those who safeguard ours’  

Charlotte Harverson and Louise Marsh


Look at our Veteran’s page and pre- register your details now so we can send you a link to download the app 1file4life on the 11/11/18